Asier Gezuraga

Son of a carpenter.

"For years, that's how I've been known—as Juan José the carpenter's son. Among sawdust, stacked woods, and the occasional hammered finger, I spent my early summers. Until a 386 computer showed up in the office, and I began digitizing invoices, back when that term wasn't even popular yet."

Founder and Director

The SAAS that expands audiences, amplifies messages, and energizes sales.

The solution for organizations that believe in their people and invest in technologies to unleash their full potential.

Founder and Consultant

Digital Anti-Consultancy.

Strategic design of digital business, team training, and support in the development of digital transformation projects.

From developing in Python
to leading digital projects.

Asier Gezuraga began his professional career in technological areas, working on the automation of operational processes. However, he quickly delved into the opportunities that technology offered to marketing and new business models.

He has dedicated over twenty years to digital transformation, leading the department responsible for the digitization of the Euskaltel Group, customer acquisition, portfolio actions, and improving the customer experience. He spearheaded lead acquisition for all brands of the Euskaltel Group through digital marketing and advertising in mass media. As COO of Irontec, he led operations with teams of over 35 people and managed marketing budgets exceeding €28 million as Director of Operational Marketing for the Euskaltel Group.

Currently, he assists executives and managers in designing digital plans with an Digital Business Anti-Consultant approach under the brand LUKI DIGITAL. He serves as a digital business advisor at ZORRAQUINO, the leading strategic design agency in Bilbao, and has co-founded DEALROCK, a technological startup empowering individuals to grow their businesses.

Presentations and Training:

Presencia Online para emprendedores. 

Cámara de Comercio de Bilbao.

Gestión integral de proyectos en tiempos de teletrabajo.

Librecon Euskalduna

Experiencias del cliente en el mundo digital.

Cámara Comercio Bilbao

Big eCommerce Players.

eCommerce Tour.

Una web para dominarlos a todos.

Design Systems. BBF

La digitalización en empresas e instituciones: modelos para llegar al cliente final.

Deia. Euskalduna

Technical Training:

Big Data Modulo Business Analytics.

Universidad de Deusto

Claves para la dirección de empresas.

IESE - Coursera

Digital Transformation Strategy. 

Boston University

Product Management with Lean, Agile and Design Thinking.

Boston University

Master en Digital Business

ICEMD/ESIC. Cámara de Comercio Bilbao

Scrum Master.

Xsfera European Scrum

Companies he has worked with

Digital Marketing,
Digital Transformation,
Digital Product,
Customer Experience..

Virgin Telco
Cámara Bilbao

Asier Gezuraga.

Over twenty years digitizing processes and creating new customer experiences.